Reusable Breast Pads

Reusable Breast Pads


Reusable breast pads for day or night time to help prevent leaking

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Beautiful handmade breast pads come in either day time to hide under your clothes or night time to help you get through the night without leaking. They are 100% natural cotton and bamboo nursing pads in a modern range of colours and prints that you can just throw in the wash with all your other clothes. Make your early mummy months and years fashionable, pretty and a little environmental.

Have an extra layer at night time of bamboo fleece for further absorbency making them last longer and absorb more. But they are less discreet. Ideal for night time; those with heavier letdown; for around the house; for thicker/ winter clothing; for regulating breastfeeding (weeks 4-8 tend with most women to have the greatest fluctuation as your body figures out supply and demand). Backed in ivory flannelette.

Stock is always different so once you have ordered I will email or text you all the stock we have available and you can choose either night or day pads and which fabric you like

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