Care Instructions

As a mum, I would never wish a hard toy to look after onto anyone.

You know how people love to give you toys that take the big fat batteries that cost a ton and need replacing way too often… I am not one of those people.

So with that in mind, ALL my crochet Items are machine washable!!

Everything is made from 8ply wool and premium polyester fibre filling, so it is all washable on a cold wash, but if you wash in a machine too often the stuffing will start shrinking so stick to a damp cloth where possible.

Now when I say too often I mean if you wash it weekly or use a hot wash.

We wash our crochet food every few months or so.

It is all strong and made to withstand kids (not so much) pretending to eat the food and I even had a wonderful lady tell me her dog likes to play too and after a wash, they are back to new.

They are made to last a long time if taken care of.

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My name is Jamielee and I am the hands behind the crochet work here at Classy Kids. My vision in life is to help support all children explore who they are through play, being creative and using their imagination.