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All of our crochet food is machine washable and environmentally friendly (which means it’s totally guilt-free). And they make super awesome presents without having to spend a fortune – the hardest part is choosing which colours you want!. 

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10 Lessons I want to instill in my kids…

If you’re thankful, show it.
If you love someone, tell them.
If you’re wrong, fess up.
If you’re confused, ask questions.
If you learn something, teach others.
If you’re stuck, ask for help.
If you made a mistake, apologise.
If you trip, get back up.
If someone needs help, help them.
If you see wrong, take a stance.


Crochet Fruit Basket

This is the product that started it all for me and I find it brings out such a fun side to everyone who plays with it.

Swim Nappies

Babies and toddlers love to paddle, and parents will love the ease and convenience of our amazing reusable swim nappy.

Veggie Set

Our brand new Veggie set was created because a Mumma came to me saying her little boy just won’t eat Veggies.

Reusable Breast Pads

Beautiful handmade breast pads come in either day time to hide under your clothes or night time to help you get through the night without leaking.

Pretend Little Sweetheart Set

Made using real makeup cases but the contents inside are child friendly, mess free, non transferable and non toxic.

Princess Cards

Set includes: Princess Jasmine, Snow White, Cinderella, Milan & Pocahontas, Merida & Rapunzel and Belle & Tiana.


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My name is Jamielee and I am the hands behind the crochet work here at Classy Kids. My vision in life is to help support all children explore who they are through play, being creative and using their imagination.